A Research on Web-based Mathematics Teaching Materials

  Web-based Mathematics Software for Junior High School

Established in August,1996 
     〔  The Grant-in-Aid for Educational Research, Chiba Prefecture (1997),
         and the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
         ( Encouragement Research B, subject numbers 10913006,1998 and 11913005,1999)
         are granted to this page.                                                                                                〕

Perspective on teaching materials can be changed by the Internet !

     (1)      The following is software for mathematics learning written in Java.
                 If software is comparatively easy, they can be developed even by teachers who have pressing work.
                We can share teaching materials by Web as all schools are connected to the Internet in Japan.
                 Therefore, teachers do not have to purchase software in each of school and can reduce total times
                 of developing software.

              Java Applet for mathematics learning@・・・・Calculation of Pi using Monte Carlo Method
                                                      (For Mathematics Classes)
                 Java Applet for mathematics learningA・・・・The Formula on Volume of Cone and Monte Carlo Method
                 Java Applet for mathematics learningB・・・・Cutting a Cube
                 Java Applet for mathematics learningC・・・・Sierpinski's Gasket(Fractal Graphics)

     (2)      The following is software for mathematics learning written in VRML and Java.
                 Please have a look by ver.3.0 or more Internet Explorer and Netscape.

                 Software in VRML・・・・・Learning about Solid(TERMINATED)

     (3)    Web-based Collaborative Learning in School Mathematics

                  〔 A part of this research is selected as a supporting plan in the Voluntary-Plan of the
                    100-School Networking Project (PhaseU,1998)  and the School-Plan of the E square
                    project (1999) of the Center for Educational Computing.                                           〕

                "A Design of the Environment Supporting Collaborative Learning on School Mathematics
             Using the Distribution Network"
                 A Paper to submit for TSG6(Distance Learning in Mathematics Education), ICME9.


  "Japan Society of Mathematical Education"

  "ICME9 9th International Congress on Mathematical Education"
     (ICME9 will be held in Tokyo/Makuhari, Japan, from July 31 to August 6, 2000.)

  "Japan Society for Educatinal Technology"

  "HomePage of Yasuyuki IIJIMA"
  (By Asso. Prof.Yasuyuki Iijima, Aichi University of Education, JAPAN. He is advancing research
    about "Geometric Constructor" etc. It is useful very much.                                               )

  "Koshikawa's Laboratory"
  (By Prof. Hiroaki KOSHIKAWA, Faculty of Education Chiba University, Japan.
    We hold a joint research about"Collaborative Learning on School Mathematics Using the Web".    )

  "Welcome to Department of Mathematics, Joetsu University of Education, Japan!"
  (Mathematics educational related links are very substantial and you will find it very useful.  )

  "Cool Applets We've Written (Beta)"
  (Some Java applets are exhibited. There are some applets utilizable as teaching materials.  )

  "The History of Mathematics and Mathmatical Wonderland"
  (By Prof. Masakazu SUZUKI, Kyushu University Graduate School, Japan. This page is about the
    history of mathematics. There are good resources that are useful by class immediately.         )

  "Room of Mathematics"
  (By Mr. Yoshifumi AOKI, Takaoka junior high school, Kanazawa City, Japan. There are some
    mathematics teaching materials applets. Especially a simulation of the proof of Pythagorean
    theorem is made well, and is a must.                                                                                   )

  "Math Education and Technology"
  (There are many Java applets for teaching materials.
    As the collection of applets of the plane figure, this page is the most wonderful! ?
    A simulation of “ The sum of polygonal exterior angles=360゚ ” is made well.            )

Nagai's Home Page

Nagaura Junior High School Home Page

Mathematics Room, Faculty of Education Chiba University, Japan